Functions Menu

Functions are set at a 40-person minimum

All our canapés are freshly prepared the same day in our on site kitchen.
Please select the canapés you would like and call us for a quote!

We suggest 5 items per person however 3 is the minimum.

COLD CANAPES  $3.00 per piece

HOT CANAPES  $3.00 per piece

RICE BOWL/BOXES $6.00 per item

DESSERT $3.00 per item


Easy breezy BBQ packages can be set up outside or upstairs near the bar!
We have priced these packages per person so that you can have the ease of knowing its all taken care of.

Classic BBQ $13.00 per person

GOURMET BBQ $25.00 per person

Looking for something simpler yet fun?
A night that is focused more on the drinks and dancing?
Then the ‘Crisps and Sweets Package’ is for you!

Per person $6.00.
Set up in multiple glass bowls and platters.



Minimum Bar tab is 1000 for all functions.
Please discuss your needs with our friendly staff.

Cocktails $14

Aussie Desert Sky
Spiced Rum, Cointreau, Apricot Jam & Sweet Grapefruit Juice

Bee Bee Berry 
Honey Vodka, Green Tea, Honey, Crushed Berries With Mint

Twisted Ward 8
Bourbon, Grand Marnier, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice & Bitters

Silver Fizz
Dry Gin, Lemon Juice, Superfine Sugar & Soda

Pink Urban
Lychee Liquour, Raspberry Vodka ,Chambond & Pineapple

Espresso Martini


Grey Goose Vodka $9.5
Absolut Vanilla $9.5
Absolut Raspberry $9.5
Absolut Pear $9.5
Absolut Berri Acai $9.5
Absolut Blackcurrent $9.5
Absolut Mandarin $9.5
Bombay Sapphire Gin $8.5
Tanqueray Gin $9.5
Tanqueray Ten Gin $11
Captain Morgan Spice Gold Rum $9.5
Captain Morgan Black Rum $10.5
Appleton Estate Rum $9.5
Makers Mark $9.5
Jamesons $8.5
Johnny Walker Red $8
Johnny Walker Black $9.5
Chivas Regal 12 Yr Old $10
Glenlivet 12 Yr Old $14
Gallianno White Sambucca $9
Gallianno Black Sambucca $9
Pimms $8.5
Tuaca $8.5
Tia Maria $8.5
Jagermeister $8.5
Chatelle Napolean Brandy $7.5
Amaretto $8.5      


Vodka $7.5
Gin $7.5
Scotch $7.5
Jim Beam $7.5
Canadian Club $7.5
Southern Comfort $7.5
Bacardi Rum $7.5
Tequila $7.5
Bundaberg Rum $7.5
Jack Daniel’s $8
Midori $8
Malibu $8
Kahlua $8
Chambord $8
Cointreau $8
Frangelico $8
Campari $8
Baileys $8

Wine List
Price per Bottle

Mcpherson Moscato Reg, Victoria $30     
Yellow NV Reg,Sth Australia $30
Beresford Beacon Hill Mclaren Vale, SA $30
Sauvignon Blanc Beresford Beacon Hill $30                 
Chardonnay Mclaren Vale, SA $30
Beresford Beacon Hill Merlot Mclaren Vale, SA $30
Beresford Beacon Hill Shiraz Mclaren Vale, SA $30
Oyster Bay Sparkling Marlborough, NZ $45
Vallate Prosecco DOC Veneto, Italy $40
Hay Marker Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, NZ $35
Tuck’s Ridge Pinot Gris Mornington, Vic $37
D’ Arenberg Dry Dam Riesling Mclaren Vale, SA $35
Nepenthe Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills, SA $40
Hugo Cabernet Sauvignon Mclaren Vale, SA $37
Bethany Shiraz Barossa Valley, SA $45